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Philips Hue

Philips Hue provides a range of smart home lighting solutions that allow you to illuminate your home exactly the way that you'd like to. Their products are designed to be easy to install and provide a range of different lighting options that can be controlled with your phone or tablet.

Philips Hue's products can be particularly beneficial for disabled people, as they provide a range of different lighting formulas that can be used to create a comfortable home environment. Furthermore, you could sync your lighting with a smart doorbell so that you're much more easily made aware of a visitor.

Why Philips Hue?

Philips Hue enables you to use lighting in a way that is only limited by your imagination. – and how it does it is unique. There’s a lot more to Philips Hue than smart bulbs, so we're going to give you a summary.

There are 3 things required for the ultimate lighting experience with Philips Hue. Hue Bridge, The Philips Hue app and of course Philips Hue lights. The Philips Hue bridge brings all your lights together in a dedicated Zigbee network. It enables you to make use of all the features the Philips Hue has to offer. The app gives you the potions you need in order to experiment with Philips Hue labs, a platform which enables you to create automations and decide how different Philips Hue products are going to act at any given time. Control your lights at home or away, using your phone, automations, smart buttons, and NFC tags.

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