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Connected Home 

At CareFree Smart Homes, we're passionate about taking your home into the future with technology that is easy and enjoyable to use. Whether you're looking for smart control of all your sockets and lighting, or you'd like to keep your entire home at the perfect temperature, we have everything you're looking for and so much more. Connected home products can enhance independence for vulnerable people, reduce energy bills and make your home a more enjoyable place to relax within.

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CareFree Smart Homes caters for all. Whether you're looking for a smart video doorbell, or an entire house worth of sockets and switches, we are able to deliver most items within 5 working days. Our specialism is in utilising lived-experience with disability to educate working age disabled people on the benefit of smart home technology in enhancing independence and quality of life. Our mission is to be an advocate for disabled people, ensuring that future smart home product development considers the needs of everyone.


We offer a wide range of products including sensors, switches, lights, security product