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Ultion NUKI - Working Together

The result of Ultion and NUKI working together is the future of home security. The specially designed Ultion lock and handle bring Nuki smart functionality to UK doors, including PVC and composite doors, with a security level found only with Ultion.

Ultion Nuki can be set to unlock your door when you arrive home without even having to reach for your phone, and then lock a few minutes later. Like your own personal doorman.

Being smart, Ultion NUKI gives you control from your phone, as well as an optional Bluetooth keyfob or wireless keypad with fingerprint recognition. Whichever way you go, you still have the comfort of a key.

It’s smart and gorgeous, but that’s far from enough. Ultion's priority is to keep criminals out. At the heart of the Ultion NUKI sits a 3-star PLUS Ultion lock, and the NUKI unit has the highest AV security rating, with three stars. Combined, they create a lock so secure that Ultion have backed it with a £2000 lock snapping guarantee.

Looking For More?

Ultion has a leading range of door security products. As you can tell, we like to focus on everything smart. Whilst this is the case, we do sell the full suite of Ultion products. So if you're looking for anything door related, please don't hesitate to drop us a message and we'll help you with prices and arrange delivery of anything from the Ultion range.


Gone are the days of keyholders and key safes. To control your front door lock from your phone,

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