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Aqara is a smart home brand that offers a range of innovative products designed to simplify and enhance your life. Aqara's devices offer a variety of features, including motion detection, temperature monitoring, and smart lighting control. With Aqara, you can easily automate your home and customise your smart home setup to suit your needs.

With Aqara's smart lighting devices, you can easily control the lighting in your home with just your voice, eliminating the need to rely on physical switches. Plus, Aqara's motion sensors and temperature monitors can help you keep track of your home environment, ensuring that it's always at a comfortable temperature and that you're not wasting energy.

Why Aqara?

Aqara products provide you with flexible customisation of smart home products based on your unique needs.
With Aqara, you can discover endless creative ways to enable your home to take the effort away from getting around.

Aqara are dedicated to creating a distinctive smart lifestyle that encompasses every aspect of the home, providing a seamless experience. Believing that the relationship between people and their smart homes should be akin to that between family members, Aqara has designed their products to consider looks, gestures, expressions, language – every movement and communication that can convey information.

Before you even arrive in the lounge, your lights have been turned on because the ambient light is lower than that which you've set on your smart home hub. With just a single gesture, you can interact with your home in the most natural, comfortable, and personalised way, without any limitations. You have the freedom to control your home and imagine its possibilities without any boundaries.