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Zigbee Home Automation

CareFree Smart Homes is here to help everyone. We're particularly interested in how smart home technology can help disabled people across the UK.

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Making everyone's life easier

At CareFree Smart Homes we're far more than just a supplier of Zigbee products, or any other smart home tech for that 'Matter'. We're on a mission to showcase the benefit that smart tech brings to the lives of disabled people.

Crucially, we are on a mission to make EVERYONE'S life easier. So if you feel like using smart home tech is like putting a Thread through the eye of a needle, and that we're not quite on the same 'Z-'Wave length yet, then you're in the right place.

Eurotronic ZigBee Spirit_phone_EURZSPIRIT.png

Want to find out more about Zigbee Home Automation for disabled people?


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