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Sociability App: An Accessibility Mapping App | Making Places Accessible for Everyone!

Updated: Jan 12


Imagine if there was an app that could help people find places to visit based on their own individual needs. Well, guess what? The Sociability app is exactly that! Let's explore how Sociability is changing things up when it comes to knowing what to expect when you go out.

Discover New Places

With Sociability, you can explore different spots, safe in the knowledge that they're accessible to you. You can even help others find places accessible to them. This allows you to plan fun outings with your friends and family without having to worry about whether you'll get around easily.

Your Personal Guide

The accessibility mapping app that everyone needs, lets you choose the types of considerations that have to be met in order for you to visit somewhere comfortably. It's almost like having your very own tour guide who knows your needs inside out. It helps you explore the world with more confidence.

Share the Knowledge

People who use Sociability can tell others about their experiences and even share photos of the places they've been. This is super helpful because it gives everyone a better idea of what to expect, from a written and visual perspective.

Sociability group on a mapping day

Reviewing Places for You

The Sociability team regularly go out to different places to check if they're easy for everyone to use. They want to make sure that the info they provide is correct and informative. Think of them as a support team whose mission is to make sure everyone knows what to expect if they visit a venue.

Looking Ahead

Sociability is always improving. They listen to what people say and use that feedback to make the app even more awesome. They regularly have exciting events where you can join in and learn more about helping their growing community.

Join the Fun

By using Sociability, you're joining a big group of people who want to make the world a better place. You're contributing towards making venues more accessible and accommodating to everyone's needs.


The Sociability app is like a magical tool that helps create a world where everyone can enjoy going out, no matter their abilities. With this app, heading out becomes an adventure full of fun and confidence. Let's use Sociability to make our world even more amazing for everyone!

Get Sociability | Accessibility Mapping App

Ready to get started with Sociability? You can download the app from:

Apple App Store


Google Play Store

Learn More

For more exciting information about Sociability, visit their official website. There, you'll find even more details about what they do, as well as links to sign up to events and much more.

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